Tommy Kahnle Wife: Who is Veronica Kahnle?

Tommy Kahnle is married to Veronica Kahnle. She is a mental health counselor.

Tommy Kahnle Wife: Who is Veronica Kahnle?

Tommy and Veronica started dating in 2011, the same year she got a license as a mental health counselor for Four Winds Psychiatric Hospital in Saratoga, N.Y.

They both studied together at Shaker High School, near Albany, N.Y, and first met in 2009. Soon they started getting interested in one another, Veronica introduced Tommy to her family in 2011 for the first time.

According to Veronica, Tommy was a bit confused while meeting her family. She said she was seeing a completely different fellow during this meetup. Maybe this was because of excitement.

He’s naturally a very shy person,” Veronica says. “Especially meeting people for the first time. I didn’t really know he was like that until I started seeing him interact with new people – like when I introduced him to my sisters, for example. I brought him to dinner at my mom’s house. He wouldn’t say a word. They would talk to him and he would just look at me and wait for me to answer for him.”

Veronica also takes care of Tommy Kahnle’s overall and especially mental health. She teaches him how to exhaust pressure during a crucial baseball game. Tommy Kahnle is a shy person in nature, he feels a lot of pressure in front of the camera that is why when he was moving to New York Yankees, Veronica felt both joy and fear at the same time.

The joy was because it was Tommy’s dream to play for the Yankees and the fear was because of fans’ criticism in case of bad performance.

Veronica loves her profession, she never stopped on only being a baseball wife. She is always a step ahead to help others. According to her giving hope to hopeless patients gives a lot of calm and satisfaction to her mind.

Veronica’s father is a maintenance technician at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y. She grew up with her sister and family. Veronica’s job is very difficult because she has to talk with mentally upset cases all the time. She has faced different difficult cases to deal with during her career.

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