Nestor Cortes Girlfriend: Who is Alondra Esteras Russy?

The New York Yankees pitcher Nestor Cortes Jr. engaged to his longtime girlfriend Alondra Esteras Russy in July 2022.

Nestor Cortes Girlfriend
Photo: Alondra Russy Instagram

Cortes proposed to Russy after All-Star week in 2022 and revealed the love story to his fans by posting a series of photos on Instagram.

Russy is a loving and supporting wife of the New York Yankees’ pitcher, she often appears in the stadium during her husband’s games to support him.

Nestor Cortes Girlfriend
Photo: Alondra Russy Instagram

All-Star week made 2 of my dreams come true,” Cortes wrote in the post’s caption. “Pitch in a all star game. And propose to my best friend. With my parents along my side.”

Cortes continued, writing in the caption “I had to make us official, through ups and downs we manage to keep each other happy.”

Russy, who has been with Crtes since 2015, also posted photos of their proposal on Instagram. She was also very happy to welcome the biggest happiness in her life.

Who is Alondra Esteras Russy?

The gorgeous Alondra Esteras Russy was born on August 16, 1996, in Caguas, Puerto Rico. While growing up in Miami, Florida, she attended Everglades High School in Miramar, Florida.

Russy grew up along with her two sisters Dalila Ruiz Rucci and Katie Esteras. She started dating Nestor Cortes in 2015. She likes modeling and traveling, but she is not a professional model. Russy often posts her traveling pictures on her Instagram profile.

Alondra Esteras Russy
Photo: Alondra Russy Instagram

Russy cares about her family, especially, the kids in the family including her nephews. She brings them to the stadium to watch and support Nestor Cortes. They are fans of Cortes, one of the greatest pitchers on the New York Yankees roster.

Do Nestor Cortes and Alondra Russy Have Kids?

No, as of October 2023, they haven’t announced any expected kids. Maybe they want to keep it private.

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