Domingo German Wife: Who is Mara Vega? Why Did Domingo German Beat His Wife?

Domingo German is married to Mara Vega, a degree holder in Bachelor of Science in tourism management.

Domingo German's Wife Mara Vega
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Mara Vega was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. Later she moved to Akerley Campus in Canada where she attended the University of Florida. She got her degree in Bachelor of Science in tourism management from the university.

The couple share two children a son, named Gian. A. German, and a daughter, Chrisgelyann German. Their smooth relationship took a wrong turn when a domestic violence report against Domingo German circulated in the media.

According to the report, Domingo German became physically abusive to his wife who locked herself in her room to protect herself. She called Domingo German’s friend’s wife who came and tried to resolve the matter.

Domingo’s professional career was also affected by this incident. The New York Yankees’ pitcher faced an 81 games ban in 2020 because of this.


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Did Domingo German Beat his Wife?

In September 2019, Domingo German and his wife Mara Vega were attending a charity event where German allegedly became violent with his girlfriend. MLB took action against German but his wife didn’t call the police.

According to the reports, he slapped Mara Vega who hid herself in her room. German was highly intoxicated according to his wife and his friend’s wife. This incident cost Domingo German a ban of 81 games in 2020.

He returned to the Yankees the next season and was feeling regret about the violence.

She is a Mom of Two

Mara Vega shares two children a daughter, Chrisgelyann German, and a son, Gian. A. German, with Domingo German. Despite the unfair incident with her, Mara Vega remained loyal to her family. She always took care of her husband and children. German also regrets his behavior.

Vega is not very active on social media, she prefers privacy and giving time to her family. Sometimes, she posts pictures of her children and friends on her Instagram.

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